Procedure for tenders

Our approach

The city, park and landscape, your home and garden form your living environment. We at HOLLANDscape Solutions find it our task to optimize the outdoor area of this living environment. To achieve this we integrate all above mentioned parts into one unity of Dutch design and products: unity between city, landscape, your home and garden. Our procedure to transform your wishes and our expertise into a combined vision counts three steps before starting the design;

  1. Your wishes, demands, dreams, lifestyle and general use
  2. The architecture and layout of the house and/or location in town
  3. The immediate vicinity

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The way we work;

1. Exploratory conversation.

The first consultation only takes ‘your’ time and is an introduction as to what your needs and requirements are and how we can accommodate them. The future use and your anticipated experience of the design once realized are key words to us. In addition, the desired appearance: modern, romantic, or natural. This initial interview is the base for us to form our vision to create the tailor made design for you.

2. Inventory

The project will be measured and photographed. We also register any existing vegetation that needs to be maintained and materials that can be re-used. Furthermore, we get the “feel” of the space, the relationship between buildings, roads and functionality and possible centre lines, the orientation towards sun and wind and accessibility.

3. Sketch design

Acting on  your wishes and requirements and the commonly established inventory, we form our vision which we translate into a sketch design. This is a clear and hand-drawn sketch of the project, which highlights general lay-out and the essential elements. Pictures and 3-D perspectives support the sketch. With this sketch we will also provide you with a first estimate of the costs of implementation.

4. Definite design

After your possible amendments and endorsement of the sketch, we will complete the sketch to definite design. This includes a planting scheme and plan, 3-D perspectives, technical details, execution plan, timelines and costs. In the costs all materials and servicesare specified and accounted for.

5. Work in progress

To be able to enjoy your garden to the max, the design should be well implemented.

At HOLLANDscape Solutions we have a specialized team at your disposal that constructs your garden exactly according to our Dutch design. Our well professional and experienced gardeners actually make your garden design come to life as yóur garden. The combination of professional Dutch staff and specialized equipment guarantee our work to be of very high quality. By continuously investing in manpower and machinery, we have developed not only an effective, but also efficient way of working. The entire realisation of your garden is performed in one comprehensive schedule . A team ensures that the desired end result is delivered within specification, time and costs. We engage in intensive personal interaction and consultation and from start to finish you have one contact person. Our Senior Designer or Chief Procurement Officer supervise the work in progress. Once your garden is fully completed, there is only one thing left: Enjoy!

6. Aftercare

One growing season after completion of the project we will make an appointment to evaluate the project. If for whatever reason plants, despite appropriate care, did not develop the way they were expected to, we will replace them.

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